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Why This Little-Known Trend Reveals the Future of Digital Marketing
 | Ep. #1503 thumbnail

September 13, 2020

Why This Little-Known Trend Reveals the Future of Digital Marketing
 | Ep. #1503

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Welcome to marketing school off the only podcast that provides daily top-level marketing tips and strategies from entrepreneurs that practice what they preach and live what they teach. Let's start leveling up your marketing knowledge with your instructors Neil Patel and Eric Sue.

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Welcome to another episode of marketing school. I'm Eric Sue and I'm Neil Patel. And today we're going to talk about why does little-known Tren reveals the future of digital marketing. So if you think about the last few years the trend you guys have all seen these devices but no one really thinks about him as digital marketing. You see the Google homes Alexa the Apple homepod CCL these devices and people are using them and it's voice search, right? If you also think about search and general here's a crazy stuff for your curtain to comscore over 50% of the searches are now done by Voice Search. You're in your car you talk to your phone you talk to your car you ask him questions. It looks it up in the computer cuz you back the answer digital marketing is all changing to a boy's voice is the future of digimarc. Imagine your fridge telling you you're out of milk and asking you if he wants you to order milk you bet that the recommendation is going to be given to you.

Part of it is going to be paid and sponsored ABS, right? So it's like the future of digital marketing is going to become voice. The real question is is is your website ready for voice interesting enough to eat use my Alexa. The only thing I use it for his checking the weather right now and ask him to turn on the light for me. That's it is even have a kid if you'd had a kid Udacity play Mister sun or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star baby shower and whatever they call it Google home Google home to Google music keeps playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and all these like kids stuff. Guess what they're going to show him more ads or whatever because Google controls the big ecosystem division more YouTube views for YouTube ads whenever he was watching YouTube, but keeping here's their understanding more more of your behavior, but also listening to you. There's been some studies on how the speakers are just always on right there listening to conversations. Listen to what you're interested in and then there Taylor

Whatever experience that you're in on their platforms, and then they're driving experience. Right? So, I think it's really easy. These voice systems are getting a lot better at detecting what you're saying and I can even predict what you going to try to do based on your behavior because a i and so I think you look at all. So what's going on in the podcasting world to Joe Rogan's deal. That was a landmark deal two more more people putting money into podcast with his voice all the big companies. You have Google you have apple you have Amazon. We're taking this really seriously. So you have to add voice to your strategy because of numbers are just getting bigger bigger as the technology is the right timing. Now, you can do cool things like Jetson a I have your digestion. Is it make your eCommerce eight more mobile or voice at least that way you can purchase products and services to your voice hoober all those players. They're making it available Rican talking to your Apple watch and like straight-up just make orders and purchases through it. You're just going to see way more stuff happen.

New voice it's going to take three to five more years for really to start kicking in but be patient it's going to happen get ready for it. And don't wait till the last minute to talk about the Deep fakes where you have a fake Obama, right and people believe that you can do not call deepfake. I forgot what it's called for audio, but voice I'm guessing I made that up. Stop me now cuz I literally just made that up. I don't think it's deep was that's all the thing I can come up with. This one was face when his voice so deep script. What it can do is like I just said, I'm right now it can remove the fill the word a day can also add other words to so let's a meal to have a conversation and cuts off Midway. Imagine being able to in the future type out the rest of the conversation that having something like that feeling and I will actually be our voice is so it's going to get that level at scary you have deep base and you have deep voices. You guys want to find out what it actually is but this is where digital marketing is going cuz if the world going in that direction you bet your tushy that digital art.

Going that way as well. So that is it for today. Text us at 310-349-3785 on scan 310 349 at 375 join our little Community where we have announcements and we don't try to bug you. Don't try to spam you what I tell you to buy stuff. That's just to keep in touch with you guys and that's it for today. And what's your mom?

For this session of marketing school. Be sure to rate review And subscribe to the show and visit marketing schools. Not IL for more resources based on today's topic as well as access to more episodes that will help you find true marketing to stack. Marketing School. IO until next time class dismissed.

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