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July 31, 2020

New Age Influencers

092: Bad B*tches: How To Rewire Your Brain - Gala Darling


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95% of the time the only thing holding someone back from going after what they want is limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs and limiting behaviors are also tricky, because most of the time people aren't even aware they exist. It's incredibly hard to change beliefs permanently...however, this is precisely why it's so important. If you want to create a 5% life you're going to have to adopt a 5% mindset. And many times that means unlearning widely accepted "regular society" behaviors.

In this episode Gala Darling teaches us how to bash through limiting beliefs, how to start taking steps towards becoming your best self, and how to do it in your own style. Gala has written 3 top selling books, she has been blogging for over 10 years, and has a very loyal community of "bad b*tches" who push one another to be better each and every day. Tune in to learn how she created such a loyal community and what the secret sauce is when it comes to creating magnetic content that she genuinely enjoys producing. If you want to skyrocket your online presence Gala is a great example of someone to learn from.

Episode Timeline:

3:04 What Gala Does
3:52 Tapping: Rewiring Your Brain
8:08 How To Grow Your Online Presence
11:27 Bad B*itches
12:07 Identifying Your Online Target Market: The Secret Sauce
16:12 New Zealand To NYC
17:05 First Dollars From Blogging...
18:36 Writing First Book
20:31 Three Important Lessons
23:34 New Age Community Writing And Marketing Strategy
24:56 Why Community Is The Key Ingredient
25:26 The Only Way You'll Win Online This Decade
27:29 High Vibe Honey
32:25 Youtube Stuff
33:31 Rapid Sentence Completion


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