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Marketing Data Protection and Cybersecurity with Scott Ablin of Keeper

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown chat with Scott Ablin, Chief Marketing Officer at Keeper Security, Inc. During this podcast episode, Scott talks about his past work experience and explains some of the key marketing initiatives around promoting data protection and preventing password-related breaches.


  • Scott starts the conversation by sharing his past work experience as a B2B tech marketer.
  • Scott discusses how he has run marketing organizations at healthcare companies and IT organizations.
  • Scott talks about Keeper and mentions how it’s a SaaS business, focusing on cybersecurity and password management.
  • Keeper works on a subscription model that is applicable to business enterprises as well as independent consumers. 
  • Keeper is Scott’s first venture into the security space because when he decided to leave healthcare IT, he wanted to be part of an organization where he felt at home. 
  • Keeper prevents password-related data breaches and cyber threats. 
  • Keeper reduces the risk of password-related data breaches for the consumer by offering a modest subscription.
  • Keeper is a great fit for financial services, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, hospitals, hotel chains, retailers, all of these, big businesses and segments, that possess customer data.
  • Scott talks about how he figures out how to best leverage the finite resources, how to prioritize efforts, energies, and budget.
  • Keeper’s revenue is derived predominantly from the SMB market, but it also serves the enterprise segment as well.
  • Keeper has an incredibly viable market-validated solution for enterprise customers.
  • Experiential stuff, conferences, and trade shows are the few digital efforts that are put in practice to be enterprise-driven in nature. 
  • Keeper has a very effective lead generation strategy, focused on a 14-day free business trial.
  • Currently, Keeper generates 1200 to 1400 MQLs per month.
  • Keeper is leveraging G2 and other software review sites to validate its offering with prospects.
  • Scott discusses the competition of the consumer market on app stores, highly polluted, highly commoditized with free versions.

Key Points

  • The company’s ideal customer profile is any company that transacts business online and has workers that engage in business activities using online transactions.
  • Scott mentions how Keeper has swapped out the marketing automation platform and migrated to HubSpot and built out content.


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