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#264: The Brain Science of Enlightenment | Rick Hanson thumbnail

July 13, 2020

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

#264: The Brain Science of Enlightenment | Rick Hanson

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Today we’re going to nerd out about what enlightenment (or, if that word is triggering, let’s just call it “high doses of meditation”) can do to your brain — and, more practically, how we can derive these benefits even if we don’t plan to spend decades living in a cave. My guest is Rick Hanson, Ph.D., psychologist and author of the new book Neurodharma. We go into the deep end, yes, but we also get very down-to-earth, talking about how anyone, including you, can “reverse engineer enlightenment,” and have “Nirvana operationalized in your nervous system.” Quick note that this was recorded right before the pandemic, but enlightenment is evergreen. Where to find Rick Hanson online:  Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Book Mentioned: Neurodharma by Rick Hanson: You can find meditations from our world-class teachers and more wisdom from Rick Hanson on our app. Visit to download the Ten Percent Happier app and kickstart your meditation practice. Visit to sign up today. Other Resources Mentioned: Hippocampus: U Pandita: Enlightenment: Nirvana: Robert Thurman: Mark Epstein: Joseph Goldstein: Jhanas: Stephen Batchelor: Neurodharma Online Program: More Books: Being Well Podcast: Additional Resources: Ten Percent Happier Live: Coronavirus Sanity Guide: Free App access for Frontline Workers: Full Shownotes:

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