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ICYMI - Jordan Klepper Talks to Trump Rally-Goers in PA thumbnail

October 13, 2020

ICYMI - Jordan Klepper Talks to Trump Rally-Goers in PA

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You listening to Comedy Central?

Are you ready? A mistress the head Fiction podcast, tumon Bay reaches. It's thrilling final season.

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Qanon is the world's largest online conspiracy. Theory always believe someone who has provided them with information about deep state cabal with in American politics. Moving 70 u.s. Congressional candidate to be the shed or outright endorsed you in on material but no one has confirmed the true identity of Q. We aim to change that. I'm Jake Hanrahan Junie from a new podcast Q clearance fit series theme song cover the true creators of qanon. Listen to Q clearance on the iHeartRadio app Apple podcast wherever you listen to podcast.

On the day Donald Trump most likely contracted Koba. An event in the Rose Garden. He hosted another slightly different kind of super spreader. I meant a campaign rally Trump's favorite lies. So I traveled to the Battleground state of Pennsylvania to see just how many people have caught Trump's version of reality away from the election month away from finding out who wins in probably about a year away from losing a loved one to the inevitable Civil War. Let's do this.

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Are they gone mad if I check out some of your stuff yesterday? We did $5,400 in sales. What is selling two hundred thousand deaths later. That's doesn't quite work as well as the drop stuff isn't affected by that at all back and he's going to deny. He was over there and counter to what did you get out here to see Donald Trump about 26 hours ago 10 yesterday morning. She going to wait two days to see the president. First of all, come on. Donald Trump is our first Rockstar superhero president. He's a real-life Tony Stark. They should call him president Iron Man give a shit about science so much excitement in there. So many droplets you feel like people are going to feel this Effect 4 weeks to come Y no mask.

Frequent forgot it in my car, but I forgot to grab it on the way out of the Sharpie fumes. What do you think about the whole mask situation right now? Are you worried about David or mate? Like me personally. I'm not worried. But my dad is like underlying health conditions if he said he's going to be in trouble why come here and take that risk, if your dad has health issues just to see Trump. So it's it's worth a little bit of rest.

Back at it a theory was on full display. It's going to fill the court with constitutional loving American American to do whatever they can to protect a human life. I mean again, it's a personal choice. I think if everybody was wearing them. I said put a mask on how to respect their wives witches and put it on we're not cheap, but if you do it and you're going to follow but not sleeping.

As the not sheep, we're bravely running into a tightly-packed airplane Hangar to see patient zero I couldn't help but think of D-Day and the beaches of Normandy is bread a bullshit. I was fearful for those most vulnerable who's defense is were already compromised.

What can be a conspiracy? I think a lot of it's true that I don't know a junior is still alive in spending his time in the background at Trump rally. I do not think it's a problem now is the potential that JFK jr. Is alive in here to Trump rally, but we'll just over a month until the voters go to the polls had the president somehow already contaminated election day is elected.

You trust the results.

Is there a cheater now? Do you trust the results? Yeah different. They're going to use mail-in ballot for this upcoming election. Right? But the president himself uses mail-in ballots.

Ask Dad if I don't know. I honestly didn't know that.

After hours in the heavily contaminated parking lot. I wanted to self quarantine and chill but I still had one burning question is America a better place it over for you. I believe absolutely times as much as I was making when Obama was President. It's good to be a white bed with a leaf collector.

This is been a Comedy Central Podcast.

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