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October 15, 2020

Real Talk | Answering More Of Your Questions

Your Best Life with Anna Victoria thumbnailYour Best Life with Anna Victo..




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Hey guys, welcome to my weekly series called real talk on your best life on these minisode Luke and I lift the curtain and talk about what's on our minds day today. Just trying to live our best life.

Welcome back to another minisode of your best life. Hi guys, Anna Victoria here. We had a few other questions that were frequently asked.

So question number one, do you guys have any relationship pet peeves of each other Luca just one I can think about anyting I have not noticed. Hold on don't guys like the reason why it used to bug me so much is because living in La, you know rub his feet together. So he does this to relax and to go to sleep. Okay, and it was something that always bothered me just because it's like I don't know when I am going to bed. I don't want to feel like the bed shaking, you know, I think that's a pretty normal thing to to want.

But living in La there are earthquakes and I would seriously every slick almost every single night there be a split-second like my heart would jump. Is there an earthquake like because Luca would be so I didn't consciously realize this until recently not since we moved to Austin, I don't have those those kind of like, you know fear jumps anymore because I'm sure an earthquake could happen in Texas, but it's just not like in California and I no longer and worried every single night that there's an earthquake I think some typing Aurora

She is literally has carbon coffee looks exactly like him something, when you did that last week kind of which actually happens to wish I had really bad allergies my whole life and so my ear canal is always really itchy. So foresaw Q-tips are like heaven to me. I freaking love Q-tips, which is probably another one of your pet peeves do this like this like scratching but it's inner ear and throat and yeah, that's what is pet peeve. But sorry like when you have allergies, you know, you got to do what you got to do.

Your bed that we have that gives us. I'm like, okay now I need to clean things up. So the next question is what are we doing for date nights while in quarantine, so I have to say that this one is a little bit. I don't know maybe different for us just because we met I was super super pregnant and it was summer time in Texas. So like we didn't have much to do at home and it was hot outside but I'm done now since I don't have you know the time but with that being said so Luca got a Traeger grill, which look I'll let you take over you can talk about this. I love the fact that to you use not to like me, but now you actually enjoy meeting and I'm going to say you enjoy me this much as Pizza. You told me that last time

Choose which one was better than pizza or the meat that I cooked on. The Traeger that says you just might check it out their preferred carbs to like protein and I still do I mean I I would always choose like mac and cheese over like chicken or steak or something, but I don't know what it is like guys. This is not sponsored or anything. I just truly loved it so much like it is it's like I want to take handy but it's so good. And so Luca is really enjoying that I'm actually enjoying his these days ago, Trager because I actually cook them eating and where it's super liked and there anyway takes a while.

Alan so we can enjoy a meal abreviaturas. Yeah, actually just a little wine if we have been keeping for a ride from your birthday 2019 and we got in Napa Valley while we were heading there a little getaway in Napa Valley you and I to noise from Del dotto Napa. And yeah, we're actually really nice by was cut short because I woke up in the middle of the day. I can grab some milk tomorrow to get to that to have at home during quarantine. The next question is what is a day in the life of having a newborn like so you guys I don't think that this is something that you can

Fully understand until you have a baby or unless you like witnessed someone that has a new baby because like let's Okay. So if we wake up each day, it just kind of depends on when she wakes up. We are going to be implementing like a 7 a.m. Wake up time at some point. But since she's still so young. We don't want to like wake her up when she's still sleeping, Obviously, don't wake a sleeping baby. So whenever she wakes up I feed her and then we I would say that typically we try to aim for sleep and then feed and then wait time and then she supposed to go back down after being awake for 60 to 90 minutes from when she woke up and that's kind of like our our goal. It doesn't always happen that way like maybe sometime she'll end up feeding right before her now or wait time will be right after she wakes up type thing. So yeah, that's kind of a high feel like

Mission of what a day in the life is like because it is just literally non-stop one thing or the other and for us people working together means that we can tighten a 20 to be on course of the same time in Australia. And so we sometimes we try to sync are nap time with meetings but doesn't work. So yeah, it's okay if it was like an external meeting then yeah, we would figure something else out which brings me to the topic of Summer Nanny on that search currently and I have to say this is something that I don't know. It's not that I'm okay. I'm just going to say I did not grow up with like

Like we didn't grow up well-off we weren't poor but like I always kind of Envision people who had a nanny were like really well-off and like really really like bougie and I remember always thinking growing up. I don't want a nanny like I want to be the person to like raise my children like every single second and be there all the time. And so now that we have our baby like I'm realizing that nannies are not at all about like being bougie or like just because you have money or anything like it's literally like if you're working if you're working mother and working father in an hour case, we work together. Like we literally have no other option was your mom was going to be here, but because of cold that that couldn't happen and as we've been trying, you know when you work for yourself, you don't get maternity leave.

The two weeks off and you know kind of but yeah, so we are on the search for you know, any any long-term Manny and we're actually testing someone out this week and so far it's great. It's definitely scary and nerve-wracking. I could probably go on on this topic for a while. So I'll just leave it at that but that is the day in the life of having a newborn. So the next question is asked is what are we watching while taking care of the baby? Okay, you want to take this one and we don't get to it and them sometimes when I have some free time, which I don't like watching the documentary on the space shuttle Challenger that blew up in the 80s.

But no one will be watching, you know, kind of enjoying a celebrity Family Feud in like half of like why the episode is so funny is because of his responses to people's answers. So yeah, we've been watching. All right. The last question is working out post-baby. What are you doing? You know this topic is it hard because it depends on the person that depends on what type of birth you had. So since I had a C-section I had to wait a bit longer to get cleared. I also had like a surgical procedure they cut through I think it's six or seven layers of my stomach and also my abdominal wall.

So my recovery is a bit different and getting back to working out is a lot slower than what it would be had. I had a vaginal delivery. So, you know, it is honestly like the most basic simple moves you can think of I did share them on my Instagram. So you guys can see what I'm doing there and it's literally like breathing work and just a very very most basic simple core exercises, which does not mean sit-ups. If you didn't have a C-section pretty much postpartum and general you do not want to do sit ups. And the reason for that is because your court is still recovering it is still regaining strength and repairing from being stressed out in your pregnancy and you risk diastasis recti which is where your abs separate. So you do not want to do any type of setup a crunched like movement. So I'll have Mike where work is. How do I say kind of like

The ABS back together and strengthening them without like forcing them to separate in the movement if that makes sense. If you go to see what I mean in the moves that I've been doing, but you know, it is super super super slow which I think is what it should be. You know, like there should be no reason to rush back into working out or getting your pre-baby body back or any of that stuff should really just be focusing on regaining your core strength and doing it in a safe and slow and steady manner. So that is where I'm at with workouts right now. And those are all the questions we have for you guys today, and we hope you enjoyed this and we will talk to you guys next time.

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